Gatsby Gala-Part I

graphic concept for the center front bod
doing some last minute alterations
Deadlines. We work with deadlines here at the University. That is what keeps us creating (and crying)--designing is the easy part I feel--its production that gets to me. Its 20 hours in 3 days to sew up a garment for the 'Gatsby Gala: fashion review' at the Mitchell Memorial Library. I was the one who requested fabric much too late, and thus I received my fabric late as well...I learned the hard way. Refreshed and ready to go after Spring Break--and it was time to sew. Skipped classes. Got extremely behind in Statistics...not good. But I did finish my very first patterned dress (done in Lectra Modaris),applique using a painted design I doodled on last years class notes ;) It was a rewarding experience--I learned so very much (the wrong way to do....everything with knitwear?). But so much fun and exciting to see the turnout; not only of my own design, but the designs of the fabulous girls here in our intense program; that's right. Fashion is Definitely not for the weak of heart. We persevere.More to come from the actual event real soon!
pinning template to the fabric;prepping the cutout

the scallops


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