Happy 1st Birthday Britt + Leigh!

A bit belated, really--the "official" Britt + Leigh birthday really happened at her premiere at the Libby Story handmade market last year (June 15th, 2013) so I am about a month late...but there is still time to celebrate! Woo Hoo! Happy 1st Birthday Britt + Leigh! Super excited to see what will happen in your second year!

Mosey on over to her website: Britt + Leigh

Headbands for Summer 2014 collection
Libby Story Handmade Market Summer 2014
Appearance on the lovely Thrifty Magnolia blog! Summer 2013
Summer 2013 Pre-Collection work

Summer 2013 Collection
Libby Story Summer 2013 Handmade Market

Threadless 2014 pattern for the Select line! First ever licensed designs :)

Fall 2013 Collection

Free Giveaway background for Libby Story! Spring 2014


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